Breathing new life into Second Life

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I had an iphone for Christmas – part present, part treat.  I’ve had an ipod touch for a while and it’s turned out to be the best geeky toy I’ve ever owned and that’s saying a lot coming from a fickle technophile who has drawers full  of shiny black plastic objects complete with their associated chargers and unopened instruction books.

Although I’ve wanted an iphone for a while it was never a desperate need – I don’t use a mobile phone that much and the expense seemed unjustifiable, even for me.  But then I was won over by the ads for apps that could only be used with the iphone, the maps, all the gps stuff and I succumbed.  I explained to G that he’d no longer have to be irritated when we were going out and I didn’t have my phone charged and I would only have to slip one piece of technology into my bag.  Perfect reason, eh?

It wasn’t until I’d been playing with it for a while that I remembered it had a camera too.  So here’s one of my first snaps – Christmas table art!

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Things that piss me off about Facebook..part 1

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Age related ads!  Dear Facebook advertiser, do you really think that when I pop on for a quick (cough) game of Bejewelled I want to be forced to look at ads for magic menopause cream or any item that is free ‘if  you’re over <insert age here>’!  The answer is not only no but if I ever feel the need for these products I will cheerfully buy from your competitor as punishment for your crassness.  I also have to wonder when exactly I’ll reach the next threshold and pass from menopause ads to what?  Incontinence pads?  Can’t wait.

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I keep..

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losing blogs.  My own blogs, I mean.  It’s horribly careless of me and I’ll try to do better in the future.  So here’s the new one and you never know I might even make regular posts.

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