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Things to make you go grrrrr | Tuesday November 17 2009 7:51 am | Comments (0)

a grumpy old woman?   I’m beginning to feel disappointed.  Is this common for us all after we’ve whizzed through middle age?  I don’t mean disappointed with my own life, cos generally that’s ticking along, give or take the odd hiccup.   How can I put this?  Okay here’s an example.  When I was a teenager in the 70′s there was overt racism in the UK.  It was palpable and scary.  Maybe I was terribly naive but at the time I thought that this would all be over by Christmas in less than a generation.  In my narrow little world I saw racist attitudes and actions perpetuated by older people through fear and ignorance and I believed that when my generation were ‘in charge’ everything would be different.  We were cool, right?  I believed our children would be part of  a multicultural paradise and  ‘teach the world to sing’.  I wasn’t even a hippie!  Fast forward forty years and where are we?  The BNP, freshly booted and suited, is apparently gaining in popularity (really?  I mean, really?) and the unthinking (?) casual racism that I see sometimes in young people fills me with despair.   So is it the dashed hopes we had for the world that turn us grumpy and/or ranting, or maybe I’m just, ya know, street rat crazy.  <insert maniacal laugh>

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